Monday, 9 May 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

After last week's bumper haul sadly it's been slim pickings in the charity shops this week

I got this wooden magnetic dress the princess set brand new for £2.50 for Missy, she loved playing with it and kept trying to stick the magnetic clothing to herself which has prompted me to start looking out for items for her dressing up box, we ended up with a bumper one for Buster with loads of different costumes which he loved playing with and it looks like Missy has the bug now too 
Mini Mason & Cole pie dish 20p 
Another old knife to add to my collection for 10p
Floral cake plate for £1.00
And a couple of old books.  A battered copy of Disney's Alice In Wonderland for 50p, quite a few of the pages are damaged so I'm thinking of salvaging some of the better images and framing them for Missy's bedroom.  And a 1960s copy of an American story book called The Country Bunny And The Little Gold Shoes also for 50p which I fell in love with because I liked the illustrations.
Buster accompanied me on one of this week's jaunts and made a purchase of his own, this lovely wooden bar skittles game for £1.00.
I particularly like the way all the pins can be righted with one pull of the little lever, very clever.

This post links up with Magpie Monday over on Me And My Shadow, nip on over and find out if anyone else has had better luck than I this week.

Me and My Shadow


  1. You lucky thing: I recently paid full price for that very same magnetic doll set. Although it's terribly popular, I'd still rather it cost £2.50!

  2. wow you did well, loving all your finds, Ive got serious Charity shop withdrawl, so got to get back into them after my week away :o) Scarlett x

  3. Still some nice finds, my post is old books - I was also talking about framing some prints, I just need to find a book which is damaged enough for me not to feel guilty!

  4. Brings back memories dressing up dolly, but in my day they were paper. I remember the neighbours giving me two massive bags full. I spent hours and hours and hours playing with them. Sure its where my love of clothes came from xx
    Glad I'm not the only one who buys odd cutlery. Some great buys this week xx

  5. Oooh just looked at how much the magnetic princess is going for, that's about £7.50 saved!

    Karen, I've been working on a craft project using paper old paper dress up dollies, will probably post about it later this week.

    I always feel too guilty to butcher old books but this one is really battered.

  6. some lovely finds there, really like the pie dish and the knife :)

  7. Great haul this week :0)

    Reckon my daughter would love that dress-up dolly too.

    The books look lovely, I too have long harboured a desire to frame old prints from books, but have never found one that is in suitable condition. Can't wait to see how they turn out x

  8. Oooh all my cutlery is like that, we collected loads of it for our wedding last year and I liked it so much I gave away all our modern cutlery.

    Loving your plate too.

  9. My DD would love that Dolly dressing up game too, What a find for £2.50! Also the wooden skittles game looks great fun, I'm sure your son will love it. Bx

  10. Oh wow what great finds, I'm on the look out for butter knives like that one. I love the princess dress up set, every little girls dream :)) x

  11. I love the dress up set too and also the books but most of all I like that skittles thing. What a talking point and a bargain too.
    My finds were posted a little late this week but are now over at


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