Monday, 2 May 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

I'm excited to say that it's been a bumper week in the old charity shops so I'll get straight down to the nitty gritty and hope you can stick with me

First up are these beauties, £2.50 per cup, saucer and side plate
£3 silver metal tray
Beryl Cook book £1.00 and Homemade was 75p
I love Beryl Cook's illustrations as she captured the essence of each scene with her hallmark seaside humour, sadly she's no longer with us but thankfully her art lives on
I particularly loved this image from the book as,
although it's entitled Auction Room, it's a sight I see in
charity shops all the time
Ice skates (in my size!) £5.00 including the blade covers, not sure if I'll use them or not but my sister bought a second hand pair last year and she uses them as a Christmas decoration
Fortnum's stilton jar which I'm going to use as a vase £1.00
A well used deck of Tarot cards for 25p
Mrs D kindly invited me to a vintage/craft fair on Saturday and although she managed to find a vintage granny bag I only came away with 2m of Strawberry Shortcake ribbon for £1.50/m (love the motto 'Life is the berries', a child-friendly version of 'it's the dog's bollocks' perhaps?)
However, we did spy a charity shop local to the event and had a rummage in there where I spotted this small Pyrex type dish for £1.50
And we decided to take the long route home via another shop where I found these mini floral enamel casseroles £1.50 the pair for Missy's play kitchen
This cake plate for £1
My Little Pony (25p) and Bunty (£2.50) annuals for possible future decoupage projects
Six 1960s Paddington Bear books at 25p each
And finally this pretty gold and white tea set with an illustration of a Little Bow Peep-esque maiden with the moniker 'Pinkie', £4.50 for the lot

This post links up with Magpie Monday over on Me And My Shadow where hopefully you'll find Mrs D's first ever link up and that everyone has had a bumper tat week like me!
Me and My Shadow


  1. Wow - a bumper haul indeed! Love the bargain books, tray, skates (lovely idea about Christmas decs), mini casseroles - hmm, most of it then!

  2. Fantastic finds im v jealous of those tea cups theyre gorgeous :)
    And the pyrex dish is fab in fact its all fab!

  3. Ooooooh I'm so jealous!

    Adore the tea cups and saucers - just what I'm looking for for my candle making.

    The ice skates are beautiful - I'd use them as decoration too. Much more elegant than my roller skates!

    The Homemade book looks fab too. You didn't by any chance get this stash at Hitchin did you? I went Tuesday and normally a treasure trove, I came home practically empty handed :0(

    Thanks for linking up x

  4. some lovely finds, I love the tea set and the ribbons :)

  5. What a fantastic selection of stuff, where will you put it all ? Love the cups,saucers and side plates : ) and the china tea set.

  6. That is a bumper haul. Now let me see, I have a thing about Tarot so would have snapped those up, I like your retro feel to some of your purchases. I have a thing about Strawberry Shortcake so that would have been on my list. Love the enamel casseroles and of course all the books. My fave of yours is the Fortnum and Mason.
    My haul is at

  7. I absolutely covet those teacup, saucer and side plate sets, and the F & M jar is fabulous!

  8. You have a great haul! I love the cups and saucers and very jealous of the Handmade book.

  9. Fantastic haul!! Your £2.50 trios and gorgeous white and gilt china caught my eye especially, just lovely!

    Jem xXx

  10. loving the pyrex (of course!!) and the cups are lovely, always great to get cheap books.The ice skates are great too - like you I'm not sure whether decoration or wear would be the way to go, but too fabulous not to buy!!

  11. oooh I'd have snapped up those cup and saucers, the books well all of it really! Great haul Scarlett x

  12. Do u still have the strawberry shortcake ribbon and are willing to sell it by email

    1. Hi Tiffany. Many thanks for checking out my blog, sadly I no longer have an amount of the ribbon that would be useable. Apologies.


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