Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sadly Not MAD Enough

Well the finalists in the MAD Blogging Awards 2011 were announced yesterday and sadly my name wasn't amongst the lucky few but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who nominated/voted for me, it's been the highlight of my first year in blogging.

Although I wasn't a finalist two of my blogging friends are and it would please me greatly if you could vote for them in their respective categories.

First up there's Karen over at All About The Boys, she's up for Best MAD Business Blog and totally deserves to win, although I'm not sure the trophy will be white.

Then there's Elsie over at Babylon Lane Tales and I'm hoping she comes home with the Best New MAD Blog award, she can keep it in the oven along with her paperwork.

MAD Blog Awards 2011


  1. aww Christy what a totally lovely thing to do, thank you so much. xx I am still blown away by gettng to the final.
    Better luck for you next year xxx

  2. Well I think they are all nuts for not voting for you!!

    In my eyes your are the epitome of a MAD blogger ;-)!

    Love Mom-on-a-Wire . . . lurking, but not lingering!

  3. Totes my pleasure Karen, I'm keeping everything crossed that you (& Elsie)win. xxx

    OMG! Mom-on-a-Wire, where the heck have you been hiding, been tweeting you and others re your and your blog's whereabouts, are you in a witness protection program? Missing you! xxxxx

  4. No, just had a nasty incident via the blog. Made me feel very exposed when I realised just how much of our lives is splashed on the internet for all to see. I have shut down everything and anything and will be a lot more circumspect in the future :-D!


  5. Oh no, so sorry to hear that. I hope it wasn't anything too sinister and that you can be free in cyberspace again very soon as I'm missing your wit and wisdom in all media. xx

  6. Hi,
    Ahhh no - I'm sure there will be a next time.
    Maybe it's an excuse for a Wednesday glass of wine???
    Nelly x


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