Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My Little Blue-Belle

The local woods are carpeted in Bluebells during early May and I took some shots of Buster in that beautiful location this time last year but unfortunately Missy was a little too wee to take part in any action shots dashing through the sea of blue but over the weekend I managed to get a little time with the sun streaming through the leafy canopy and was able to capture some beautiful moments, here is one of my favourites


  1. That is so beautiful, looks like she is running through an enchanted kingdom and that fairies will come out to greet her!

  2. I used to love the Flower Fairy illustrations - she looks just like one. Gorgeous!

  3. Thanks, I think it looks a little enchanted too, gotta love Hipstamatic for iPhone!

    Lakota I had forgotten all about the Flower Fairies (I feel some more decoupage coming on!) was also put in mind of the Cottingley Fairy hoax of the 1920s


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