Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Little Litter Bugger

Whilst on the walk home from school with Buster on Friday a fellow pupil who was walking slightly ahead of us dropped a sweet wrapper on the floor.  As I passed it I picked it up and shouted rather loudly 'Excuse me, I think you dropped something!' and handed her the discarded packet, telling her in no uncertain terms that she might prefer to locate a bin and place her litter into it.

Unbeknown to me at the time of my comment to the girl, her guardian was walking a couple of paces behind me and didn't say a word to her!  If that had been Buster I would have been mortified and would have had to have had words with him immediately.  She just gave me a weird sort of grin as she walked past me a couple of minutes later.

I bet she wouldn't have dropped it if it was a £5 note, the irony that litter bugs don't see is that they are indirectly throwing money away as the council has to waste funds on tackling litter issues when that money could be better used elsewhere and this, as you can probably tell, makes me rather angry!

Don't be a tosser, keep Britain tidy!


  1. Sympathise completely. A few years ago I witnessed a mother and her 3yr old son getting on a bus and the mother shouting at him to throw the drinks can he was holding, onto the ground. The little boy hesitated and she got right into his face, shouted and grabbed the can from his hand and threw it onto the pavement.

    Makes you think, doesn't it?

  2. Goodness! What hope have we got of a green and pleasant land with morons 'parenting' like that. :(

  3. Yup seen it so many times, i'd love to shout 'oi tosser' at them - lol. Mwah Scarlett x


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