Friday, 20 May 2011

Kimo-No Go

You might remember that I attended a vintage sale with Mrs Z a couple of months ago and during that particular shopping trip I purchased a beautiful second hand kimono.  
At the time I envisaged myself wafting airily around the house in it with my marabou kitten heeled slippers on my feet and a cocktail in my hand.  I imagined that it had previously belonged to an actress who wore it in her dressing room after her stage performances whilst being terribly debauched.  

I fear that I haven't lived up to the kimono's expectations and it must be bored rigid being owned by me as the reality of its new life is that I have washed it, ironed it and hung it back on the hanger in my dressing room and that's where it has stayed ever since.

I'm sadly not going to get a lot of wear out of it so I have decided I am going to appreciate it for its beauty and therefore did a spot of research on how to display such an item.  I found a few display units online but they were huge stand alone things and I was thinking of it more as a wall hanging, so I asked Mr Right to make me a modified coat hanger out of a long piece of dowel with a coat hanger hook and here's the result.
That's not to say I haven't had any wear out of it at all, I went to a fancy dress party last weekend and managed to factor it into my costume, not sure how appropriate/politically correct it was to attend a kids' birthday party dressed as a Giesha Japanese prostitute but here I am in my costume looking like the bastard child of The Joker and Dr Petrenko from Holby City
Missy went as a ballerina in an outfit that my sister purchased for her for her birthday along with the addition of some hilarious little leg warmers that I made for her out of the sleeves of an old pink jumper I had knocking about, too cute if slightly precocious.


  1. The fabric of the kimono is just gorgeous! I think there are some slightly less voluminous versions that are good to use as dressing gowns as one of my university flatmates had one I was quite envious of. Yours looks fab for fancy dress - and on the wall! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Love the kimono but love the tutu more. She's so sweet, I just want to give her a big huggle.

    Madison xxx

  3. You are rocking the fancy dress! Scarlett x

  4. The Kimono is beautiful, and the giesha look is amazing! Your little girl looks very cute! Sounds like a great party! Bx

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments re the costume and re Missy, she's cute but it's just a cunning disguise, she lures you in and then she strikes! x

  6. The dress looks fabulous!


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