Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Just Call Me Vanessa Kensington

The lovely Karen from All About The Boys/The White Approach found herself with an extra (and very sought after) ticket for this year's CyberMummy event and decided to offer up the opportunity for one lucky blogger to purchase said ticket from her, all you had to do was link up and let her know why you wanted the ticket and she'd pick a winner at random.

I flippantly commented that I was unashamedly doing it for the social and freebies and that I would love the opportunity but found out about CyberMummy too late what with being new to this blogging lark and all that, not believing I'd have a snowball in hell's chance of being picked.

Well the winner was announced this evening and lo and behold it was only lil' old me!  This kind of thing never happens to the likes of me and to know that lots of other bloggers would love to be going in my place makes me appreciate the opportunity all the more.

When I informed Mr Right of my success he bought me crashing back down to terra firma in his unique way inferring that CyberMummy sounds like we'll all be dressed in BacoFoil like Fembots or Cheesecloth like Stepford Wives, which begs my next question; what to wear???

Or this?
Any hints and tips from bloggers that attended last year's event (wardrobe related or otherwise) would be greatly received as I'm a bit clueless as to how to get the best out of the day and hopefully I'll see some of you there!


  1. You mean you won't be wearing bacofoil? Damn looks like I'll be the only one.

    Looking forward to meeting you x


  2. Well I will be wearing bacofoil but it will be hidden under the cheesecloth, you'll know it's me by the slight crunch and rustle every time I move and the fact that I will interfere with your mobile phone signal.

    Looking forward to meeting you too! x


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