Tuesday, 10 May 2011

It Won't Hold Much Jelly

Mr Right and I managed a day out shopping sans enfants last week and I was having a mooch round H & M children's department (I know, I didn't have any kids with me so why on earth was I looking in the kid's department?!) when I spotted this blast from the past
For those of you spring chickens that weren't children of the 80s it's a Jelly Bag and I had them in various sizes and colours throughout my childhood, although sadly none of my originals exist today.

H & M do them in black, cerise and turquoise and in two sizes, mine is the large and was a bargain price of £3.50, I think the small ones were about £2.50.

Let's just hope they don't bring back Jelly Shoes as, if I remember rightly, they were bloody uncomfortable!

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  1. Yup I used to have a nice collection of these bags when I was a nipper and yes you can still get jelly shoes! I saw some in a kids dept a few weeks back, and knowing how sweaty and painful they were wouldnt put my boy in any lol. Scarlett x

  2. Oooh yes I remember these bags too and the shoes..ouch! They came in very garish colours as I remember - Oh I'm really showing my age now aren't I

    And what were you thinking of shopping in the childrens dept. when you didn't even have your children with you...are you mad woman!! :)) x


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