Friday, 20 May 2011

A Hearty Lunch Box Snack

Ever on the 'keeping things interesting in Buster's school lunch box' quest I once again found myself in the snacking fruit section of the supermarket, you may remember a while back that I happened upon these whilst on the same quest.

Well, true to form, Buster is now bored of them so I had another nose round the shelves and spied these little babies

They're strawberry flavoured heart shaped fruit made by Humdinger Foods and I had intended them to be solely for Buster's lunch but I'm going to steal them for myself for snacking cake decorating purposes.

NB - This is not a sponsored post


  1. Miss D loves these and the stars they do too! We have purchased the banana and custard flakes this week!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Have you tried the Annabel Karmel Banana crisps? They're not actually called crisps but my son calls them crisps. There is also apple and pineapple. You can find them in the baby food section.

    **Original post removed because of grammatical error. I'm a bit anal that way.**

  4. Mrs D - I will track down the stars, they had none in when I looked :(

    Madison - I will also look for the Annabel Karmel Banana Crisps as suggested (Missy loves the Cheese & Onion Rice Cakes)

    PS - I too am anal re grammatical errors so completely understand!


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