Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Gallery - Mustachioed

I haven't linked up with the Gallery over on Sticky Fingers for ages but the advent of the Blogger Year Book brought it once again to the forefront of my mind, that and this week's subject matter, which is Mustachioed.  

I was transported back to when Buster was a toddler and he used to love playing in a bubble bath and his toy of choice without fail was 'Mr Mustachio' and he would even insist that I draw him a matching mustache with a black eyeliner pencil.

Anyway, just this week I had a clear out of some of the many bath toys we own as Buster now has a shower every morning before school (with his 'man smell' shower gel) and Missy prefers her bubble machine and I was a little fearful that I had inadvertently turfed him out but thankfully he was still there in his little purple rubber ring.  He's getting on a bit now and has suffered a bit with limescale build-up (it happens to us all eventually) but he's not looking bad after almost a decade of bathtime fun.
Mr Mustachio
Anyway, at least you didn't have to suffer a picture of my hormonal/age related facial hair (every cloud and all that).  Why not take a peek at the other entries in this week's Gallery whilst I have a shave.


  1. I like this post for lovely memories and a great way to mark the Moustache Gallery. My try is over at

  2. Fantastic post. I think I would like a bath with Mr Mustachio myself.


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