Thursday, 19 May 2011

Doing Up My Crib

A few months back whilst on one of my many charity shop jaunts I purchased this little toy crib for £5.00 with the intention of doing it up for Missy's dolly
As you can see it was a delightful shade of fuschia so I decided to give it a complete makeover which involved a three stage process.

Stage One - Paintwork

I painted the entire cot white, this was no mean feat as the original paint was quite a dark shade so it took about three coats before it actually looked white and I couldn't be faffed with sanding all those bars
Stage Two - Decoupage

I printed off a load of vintage paper dolly images, cut them out and arranged them on the two outer end panels of the cot, glued them down and then applied a top coat of PVA to seal them in.

Stage Three - Textiles

I purchased some 2.5cm thick foam and cut it to the size of the bottom of the cot to form a mattress and made a cover for it out of some pink fabric.  I then made a little duvet and pillow from some gorgeous vintage paper dolly fabric that I also used to cover Missy's revamped toy ironing board and hey presto the task was complete.  
Missy loves it, as you can see 
Missy loves looking at the paper dolly decoupage
and now has a cot for her dolly, Queenie, to sleep in, 
Missy kissing Queenie goodnight after tucking her in
my only remaining task is to stop the cat making it his new bed, he seemed to take rather a shine to her toy pram!


  1. So cute...ahh for a daughter who'd appreciate such things. Mine love lego lego and only lego at the moment. Perhaps I can decoupage something with lego men on it...

  2. Aww how cute, great makeover! Laughed at kitty in the pram, mine used to do the same when i was little. Scarlett x

  3. I bought something similar for my little one to play with and I've been busy making little doll quilts for it :)

  4. Brilliant photo of the cat, and lovely revamp on the dolls crib too.


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