Sunday, 8 May 2011

Chessing-tons Of Fun

Buster had a second teacher training day on Friday so we decided to take full advantage of the impromptu day off and booked online tickets to Chessington World Of Adventures whilst the majority of the country would still be at work and school.  Thankfully it was a decision that paid dividends.
For the past 5 years running we've loyally visited Legoland as Buster absolutely loves it but last year we thought he was getting a bit disillusioned with it and the only slightly revamped Johnny Thunder show and that the same rides year in year out were becoming a tad tame for him so we wanted to try somewhere new with some rides that would excite him once again.

'Cue the queuing!'

We chose the perfect day, the weather was beautiful and the park was deserted (even the M25 was on our side!).  Most of the rides had little or no queue and often we were able to stay on them for two or even three goes in a row.

The park itself was clean and well kept (one visit to Legoland in the past had caused me to write a letter of complaint as there was a layer of dust and cobwebs on many of the attractions) although I was dismayed to see lots of adults wandering through the park smoking when there are signs all over the place reminding people to smoke only in the designated areas and none of the many staff members reminded the numerous offenders of this.

All in all the staff seemed genuinely friendly, Buster and Mr Right had a great time on lots of new and exciting rides.  I on the other hand am not really a theme park fan and was quite happy to look after Missy in the sunshine whilst The Blues got their adrenalin fix, I find the drive to the theme park white knuckle enough (I'm not a great car passenger).

Buster loved Dragon Falls (log flume) and went on it at least 7 times!  He and Mr Right also braved the Vampire, Dragon's Fury and the Runaway Train.  At one point during a ride Buster asked Mr Right's permission to swear, which, given the circumstances was duly granted and he was heard to shout 'Oh Crap' and told Mr Right that if he died he wanted him to know that he loved him.  
Buster and Mr Right on Dragon Falls
I accompanied Buster on the Tomb Blaster (laser gun ride) and the Seastorm and we were all able to ride together on Bubbleworks, which in isolation we wouldn't have been that impressed with but as it was one of the only rides that Missy could go on we ended up going round about four times and she absolutely loved it although I was a little disappointed that there were no actual real bubbles floating around which would have been so easy to do.

We also loved Hocus Pocus Hall (a 4D walk-through experience in a haunted mansion setting), we had the entire place to ourselves and I had a great time laughing at Mr Right crashing Missy's buggy into a barrier as one of the optical illusions confused and befuddled him.
Hocus Pocus Hall
Sadly Buster wasn't quite tall enough for a couple of the rides but that just gives us an excuse to return next year, which I'm sure we will as he had a great time, illustrated by his mumbled sleepy comment when Mr Right tucked him in that night

'I don't want to go on any more rides Dad'

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  1. Sounds amazing!!

    I love that Buster asked permission to swear . . . long may it last!

  2. Great day out, me and hubby love the theme parks so have our annual passes, I love the zoo at chessington and the sea life centre. Scarlett x

  3. From the pictures, the place looks amazing.


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