Thursday, 28 April 2011

We've Had A Cracking Easter!

I've been neglecting you, sorry, Mr Right has been off since Good Friday so I've been a busy bee having fun with him (and eating LOTS of chocolate!).

The Easter egg hunt was a lot of fun and this year was even better as Missy joined in for some of it, although I usually try and make each clue as far away from the last as possible to produce maximum exhaustion in order to burn off all that excited energy that's been building from the moment Buster wakes but Missy found the constant up and down stairs a little tiring so she only helped with the downstairs clues.
Our Easter egg hunts always culminate with locating the entire Easter egg hoard, in past years they have been in the loft or even in a locker at the gym, this year they were in the shed along with a little gift for each of the kids, Buster got a DS game and Missy got a little high chair for her dolly.

Buster made some mini Easter eggs for the grandparents but he also made a large egg for himself and we spent a little time on Easter Sunday filling and 'joining' the two halves together with some melted chocolate, we weren't particularly neat about it but we got the job done and here it is in all its glory deformity 
only to be smashed open a few minutes later
Well that's Easter over for another year, I suppose I will have to start thinking of next year's Easter egg hunt clues before long.


  1. Glad you had a great easter, the egg looks yummy and totally rocks that it has the bits inside - what ever happened to the shop bought eggs with bits inside? Scarlett x

  2. Thanks, the egg wasn't bad for a first attempt with an impatient 9 yr old at the helm and I love an egg to contain something, you're right, very few do these days. I think hollow chocolate should contain 'stuff' by law, even if it's just alcohol! Hope you had a great Easter too. x


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