Monday, 18 April 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Well I've had the children at home this week and understandably they're not very conducive to charity shopping so make of my various finds what you will.

First up this glass lemon juicer for 60p, I already own a metal equivalent but I think I might ditch it in favour of this, it's so much nicer to look at and as such I don't need to give it cupboard space as it can stay out on display
I saw this little old champagne glass for 10p
Then I spotted this for £1.50 but I couldn't put the 10p one back so I bought both home
The Babycham one is now home to my bunny girl ornament now posing in the style of a 1950s burlesque dancer
Then there's this sturdy chunk of glass, it's an old desk ink well and pen stand, I spotted it last week but the £10 price tag made me think twice, I was passing the shop again later in the week and decided if it was still there then it was coming home with me, although I can't decide whether to use it in my bureau or on my dressing table but I love the way it's stamped 'BRITISH MADE' from a time when things were actually manufactured in this country
I found these 8 children's coat hangers for 99p, Missy has desperately needed some more for a while now and the lovely sorbet colours caught my eye 
With Easter on the horizon I happened upon these chocolate moulds produced by the cake topping company KAKE, I now have the ability to make not only a chocolate squirrel but also a chocolate acorn, jealous?  I especially liked them because the set came complete with loads of brightly coloured foils to wrap your home made chocolates, £3 for the lot
This pretty cake stand was in the window of the same shop as the chocolate moulds and it was what lured me inside in the first place, £10 and apart from being a thing of beauty it more importantly dismantles for storage!
The following are not strictly charity shop finds but bargains I had to share.  

I was in my local fabric and soft furnishings store purchasing some items for another textile project.  I've been on the look out for some curtains for Buster's room for some time (he has a slatted blind but the morning sun and lighter nights are keeping him awake) and these pewter coloured ring-top curtains caught my eye.  £26.99 down to £6.99 for the pair!  I don't like ring-tops as a rule so I'm going to turn them into traditional pencil pleat curtains.
In the same shop I was getting some header tape cut to size for the curtain revamp when I noticed a couple of bags of random reels of cotton priced up at 99p each so I grabbed those too.
Mr Right was dragged round a few shops over the weekend, I didn't find anything but he managed to find this book for £1.50, although I don't think it's much easier to fathom than the film
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  1. Wow that ink stand is gorgeous! You simply must find an OTT feather quill to go with it!

    Love the glasses too, your little bunny girl looks divine in the Babycham glass.

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. Oh wow! Those Babysham glasses bring back so many memories for me. My Nan had a complete set. I must pick one up if I see one on my travels :)

  3. You've inspired me to finally get out into Huddersfield and do some rummaging!
    Bunny girl is my favourite of your finds,
    Nelly x

  4. Great finds there - you've done very well this week! I know what you mean about the school holidays and children not being keen on being dragged round charity shops - my 11yo son is much the same!

  5. Love what you've done with the babycham glass! Got to love the lemon juicer too :o) Scarlett x

  6. Tamzin Sharma @snugglefeet0318 April 2011 at 09:50

    Lovely!! My favorite is the lemon squeezer! so pretty and useful!

  7. I love everything! Am especially jealous of the little hangers :)

  8. Another fabulous post! I love those curtains, perfect for a little boys room with that gun metal colour!

  9. Loving those curtains and the babycham glasses well done - great finds

  10. Love your champers and burlesque combo.
    Wonderful post and mine is at

  11. My favourite is the sewing threads/cotton what a bargain for 99p. Also the chocolate pack looks very inviting, I have always wanted to make my own chocolate!

  12. What a great haul. I'm with lizzie on the Ink stand its devine ! Love how you have displayed the hangers too, def makes you want to buy them seeing them like that.
    Great post with some wonderful finds xx

  13. I can't believe it! My mum had those chocolate moulds! She made all 5 of us chocolate eggs each year. When my eldest was old enough for easter eggs I decided that I wanted to make eggs rather than buy mass manufactured one, but discovered that Mum had got rid of them (in the bin!) so I went and purchased new moulds from Lakeland. I started making this years today.

  14. Not all thrifty finds come from yards and charity shops. You did well in all of your travels.
    I am going to be more creative with those odd glasses I have in the cupboard.

  15. Thanks for the junk love everyone! Off to have a butchers at all your finds now. x

    Mary, can't believe your mum had the same set and that she binned them! Good for you making your own, I am ashamed to say that I usually purchase and have done so already this year, next year I shall have a bash at making my own. x

  16. Gosh you have been busy lol love your finds

  17. I have cake stand envy. That is all.

  18. I want a chocolate squirrel! (she cries in Verucca Salt style voice)

    Love your girlie in the babycham glass, very cute

  19. Lakota, I have an image of you now as a tween in a mini dress with a fur coat and knee high socks a la Veruca Salt in the original film, could post you a malformed chocolate squirrel if you're desperate! x

  20. What a fab post, I love the ink stand and I'm a sucker for fabric and cotton reels!


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