Monday, 11 April 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

This week's tat-fest looks something like this...

Rose print tea set £3.50 for the set

People keep asking me why I buy so many tea sets, this particular set illustrates just why as sadly I broke the handle off one of the cups washing them up.  I'm heavy-handed like that, it's an occupational hazard when you're a sturdy girl like me.  It's ironic that some of these sets make it through decades with no damage and yet a couple of hours in my care and I become the proverbial bull in a china shop, lucky they're so cheap!

Pressed glass jar £3.00, I'm currently using it to store sugar cubes
Six cake forks £1.00
Cheese knife 20p
Pretty tray, lace doily between glass 50p
Large glass jelly mould £1.50
Mary Quant-esque glass flower bowl to match two others that I picked up a couple of months ago, FREE!
A toy ironing board for Missy, in perfect condition but I have since revamped it £2.50
And finally this diddy little display unit, that was sold to me by the ever-charming Mr B for £1.50.  I've been looking for something like this for a while but they can be quite pricey, so I was glad of this real bargain.  I'm going to decoupage it (watch this space) and use it to display all the little gifts and keepsakes that Buster (and eventually Missy) make out of lego and scraps of paper etc for me that are piled precariously on top of my full-length mirror or taking up space in my bureau
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  1. Love that display shelf, it's proper gorgeous!

    Cake forks - I need cake forks. Why don't I have any???

    Thanks for linking up xx

    PS you won 15% discount with From the Wilde - please let me have your email xx

  2. wow - love all your finds - complete bargains, the display shelf is amazing :o) Scarlett x

  3. Oh wow I love all your finds, the tea set is gorgeous.

    I had 6 cake forks but am now down to just 1(don't ask)! So am on the lookout for some more.

    Have sort of gotten out of the habit of popping in to my local charity shops, but am going to make a determined effort after seeing all your bargains :-) x

  4. Ooh cake forks, good idea. I need some of those. You always do well on the cake related items, you must have radar!

    I have loads of those glass jelly moulds, at one point I couldn't enter a charity shop without buying one. Need to display them as they are a dangerous mountain in a cupboard at the moment!

  5. What is it about charity shoppers and jelly moulds and tea sets? I love your cake forks - adds to the pleasure of eating cake and ditto the cheese knife.
    My finds are at

  6. I am coveting your jelly mould!
    Lovely idea for the display case - I look forward to seeing the results of the decoupage makeover x

  7. wow fab bargain the tea set was and its so pretty :)
    love all your other finds too

  8. Love the glass jelly mould! and the wooden racking and the little ironing board is very sweet!

  9. Love the cake forks and the pretty tray is really lovely and of course the Jelly Mould : ) xx

  10. Oh Wow! Lovely finds especially the tea set & cake forks...Gorgeous! x

  11. A lot of love for this week's items, thanks everyone, will get onto the decoupage make-over asap.

    Carole, you have to get back into the charity shop habit.

    Lakota, display those babies before there's an avalanche! And yes, you're right I must have cake paraphernalia radar! x


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