Sunday, 3 April 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

I've been at it again, more of this and tat to try and find space for.

First up is this silver tray for £3.00
Then this pretty floral sugar bowl/beaker for £2.00, I'm presently using it to keep Missy's dummies in
This bargain autumnal teacup, saucer and side plate set, £1.50 for the lot
I dunno, you wait all year for a tea set and then two come along in as many weeks!  This one I got for £10.
On Saturday Mr Right and I found ourselves child-free and sadly for him I made him spend the day trawling round the charity shops and here are my finds from our expedition.

Four cups, five saucers and a cake plate, the whole set for £1.50!!!!!
Pressed glass three-legged cake stand for £3.00
Mason & Cash traditional mixing bowl £4.99
And finally brand new brown leather belt £2.00

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Me and My Shadow


  1. Where are all the cheap vintage mixing bowls when I'm around, huh? My mum has one, but she's not letting go of it. Great teasets and another lovely tray x

  2. Loving that pressed cake plate ! Love the china too!

  3. My favourite of your finds is the mixing bowl as reminds me of my Mum making Christmas cake and was thinking about that anyway this week when I posted about magical memories of her.
    Just how many people are you having to tea? And where is my invitation?
    My finds are a bit naughty but nice this week at

  4. The cakestand is lush, and the mixing bowl - I'm lucky I snapped up a few before they got popular and the price rocketed!

    Adore the 2-handled cup too.

    Thanks for linking up x

  5. Love that mixing bowl - reminds me one my mum had when I was a child. Many happy memories of 'licking the bowl'!!

  6. Love the idea of dummies being stored in a vintage tea cup!
    Thanks for your 'mothers day' message on my blog. Made an extra special effort to make the day lovely for my own Mum (suddenly view motherhood very differently!)
    Nelly x

  7. Wow I love the tea sets and cake stand. I am on the lookout for one of those mixing bowls...maybe one day :-)

  8. Everything looks so lovely...I just packaged up 2 boxes full of my china and cupboards have never been so husband was impressed but I do miss them...good thing is they are all in boxes and will not be given away. But now I can find more treasures...silly isn't it.

    love your sweet blog. oxo

  9. Thanks for all the junk love and special thanks to Koralee for loving my 'sweet blog'. Gotta appreciate a bit of blog love and I certainly DO! x

    Glad you had a good first Mother's Day Nelly and so lovely to add another dimension to your relationship with your own mother. x

  10. Beautiful two handled cup. Wonder what it was originally for. Seems a strange sugar bowl. Maybe a vintage child's beaker?


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