Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sew Much Easier

Sunday presented the first proper project that required me to use my sewing machine since I retrieved it from the loft and had it serviced, until now any sewing projects I have undertaken have all been labourious hand-stitch affairs.

One such item was the Matryoshka doll duvet cover I made for Missy.  Well the felt applique isn't faring too well with machine washing so I'm thinking of turning it into a quilt in order to give it a chance of survival and there haven't been any reasonably priced cot duvet covers around so I decided to butcher a cheap pink cotton single duvet cover and make two little duvet covers for the price of one.

I made the first one problem-free and thought I was on a roll so I attempted the second but I experienced the dreaded 'bobbin expiration', it was getting late and I was tired and wasn't concentrating and kept trying to put the refilled bobbin casing in upside down and wondering why I'd ever got cocky and moved onto the second cover.

I slept on it and came back fresh yesterday afternoon and after consulting some photos I took of the machine in the state it was in when it was returned to me I realised my mistake, got the machine whizzing along within seconds and had the second cover finished in a couple of minutes.

I'm a machine stitching convert, it's 'sew' much easier than hand stitching, why didn't I dig out my machine sooner?  Think of all the projects I have avoided because of the labour involved!  I'm already planning my next textile task.
I slept on it and now Missy can sleep under it


  1. Oh well done!

    My machine is stored in a spot that I cannot reach without Hubby's help, not deliberate at all ;-), but I want to dig it out as I am planning to convert ones of the Little Man's duvets into a reversible apron and some other bits if there is enough fabric.

    Just have to wait till I'm a proper Brit!

  2. ooh well done! Im saving for a sewing machine so I can get lots of crafty things done :o) Scarlett x

  3. My next project is a cot duvet cover for my little. Just need to pluck up the courage!

  4. Alethea, you need to hurry up and become a 'proper' Brit so I can see all these textile projects come to fruition! x

    Scarlett, I hope you get a machine soon. I take mine for granted and I shouldn't ie I should make more stuff with it and really appreciate it.

    Jenny, my advice is go for it, my cover was the simplest design, all straight line sewing with a couple of hems for the poppers. I would be horrified if a seasoned machinist were to scrutinize it, but for us it's just fine. x


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