Friday, 1 April 2011

My Daughter; The Homewrecker

Every morning my dining room starts off looking like this
Approximately thirty seconds after Missy gains access to the dining room it looks like this
I sincerely hope she has better housekeeping skills when it comes to her own future abode!


  1. Oh dear!

    I love your mosaic tiles, we used those in the last two properties we had in SA.

  2. Ive got all that to look forward to, i so far manage to contain the mess as he can sit and roll but no crawling yet (must be the only mum not willing the crawling to start lol). Scarlett x

  3. Thanks for the tile love Alethea, the grout's looking a bit grubby these days as so much soot comes down the chimney in bad weather but from a distance they're nice. x

    Scarlett, crawling is just the tip of the iceberg, cherish the containment whilst ye may. :) x


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