Sunday, 10 April 2011

Ironing Irony

Whilst in a charity shop the other day I noticed a sad little toy ironing board for £2.50 just willing me to give it a make-over and a new home.

It was in top notch condition, I just thought it could do with nip and a tuck in order to discover its full potential as a play thing (gosh I sound like a pushy glamour model agent!)
I had a couple of metres of some fabric that I'm hoping to use on a project for Missy this summer (I'm sure there'll be a blog post when it finally comes to fruition) that I was itching to air so five minutes with a staple gun later and here's the finished product 
I think it looks heaps better but I'm not sure that Missy will actually know what to do with it as, 'iron'ically (I'm not going to apologise for the pun as it's great), I don't actually iron anything!

It's true, I don't iron.  If something requires ironing then I don't purchase it.  Advances in materials have given rise to non-iron items, Buster's school uniform trousers are just such an item.  I minimize creases by not leaving items in the washing machine or tumble dryer when the cycle has finished or I hang things flat or on hangers when they're drying.  

Nobody has ever commented on the creased nature of my clothes (maybe they're just too polite) but quite frankly I don't care enough about other people's opinions to stand for hours on end ironing items that will probably be creased in drawers and cupboards or by unthinking family members within minutes of my doing so.

I know that ironed clothes look and feel better for about 30 seconds and if something is particularly creased and it's a special occasion then I will drag the ironing board out, but on a day to day basis the only things that get ironed are Mr Right's work shirts (although most of those are of the non-iron variety now anyway) and he does those as he's quite particular about how they're done and with my lack of ironing experience I wouldn't want him to wear something he wasn't completely happy with would I?


  1. Gorgeous ironing bored . . . an fabulous pun ;-).

    Ditto on the ironing; in SA I used to send it out to get done, here if it needs ironing it gets set free.

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's a waste of time :)


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