Saturday, 9 April 2011

Fit Kit's Shit

This weekend I have to purchase new gym kit, it's a process that I hate with a passion.  I have been attending the gym for almost ten years now and buying kit never gets any easier.  I hate the fact that I have to spend clothing money on items that I don't actually like.  

There's a lot of boxes to tick before I find an outfit that I'll buy 

  • All items MUST be black (slimming effect and gym attendance irony I know!), also a good colour for minimizing the sweaty Betty look, plus it doesn't clash with my beetroot red exercise face
  • All items to be in a certain material so as not to fade with the amount of washing that they have to endure (I have found that the shiny lycra seems to last the longest)
  • Bottoms for the gym must not flap about to facilitate running and need to come to just below the knee, they must not, repeat, must NOT cut across the 'calf zone' as I have cankles.
  • Tops for the gym must not be flowing, must be breathable and most important of all MUST cover arse
  • Bottoms for Body Balance (yoga-type class) must flare out at the bottom to counteract the illusion that I am wearing jodphurs under all my clothes (wide hip issues)
  • I am a brand snob, it's a symptom of attending a townie school, Mr Right and I have a hierarchy of sportswear brands and only the top three or four are suitable for a gym appearance

When I do eventually find kit I'm 'happy' with I purchase three of each item as I wear them so often I don't want to wear them out and have to go through the hellish shopping experience more than is absolutely necessary.

Sports bras are another area for concern, I NEED some boobage to counteract the jodphur hips (see above) but all sports bras seem to flatten my 'assets' to the point where I look like Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry (although not that feminine!).

Mind you, even though I hate it, it could be way worse!


  1. I stopped the gym when i was preggers so not missing the kit buying although my body is missing the gym and gone on a bender! Ive ordered the dreaded workout dvd to do at home as no time to get to the gym and at least no one will see me in my manky old gym gear lol. With you on the sport bra issue too lol. Scarlett x

  2. Oh god, not the workout dvd, hope you're better at sticking at those things than I would be. Always seems like a good idea but I think the only thing that keeps me going to the gym is the waste of money it is if I don't go. I was like that with the Wii Fit, bought it with the intention of doing it every day just after Missy was born when I couldn't get to the gym, I think Buster plays with it more than I do :(

    I was going to say sports bras are pants but they're not, they're bras :) x


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