Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cupcapers - Hummingbird Bakery Rose Cupcakes

Back in January I blogged about a baking experiment in which I tried to substitute the cocoa powder in a chocolate cake for some Turkish Delight flavoured hot chocolate powder and it being a Turkish Disaster, well I was leafing through slathering over the new book and came across a recipe for Rose Cupcakes and thought to myself that those Hummingbird experts should be able to help me get it right so I decided to have a bash.

Unlike my experiment abomination these cupcakes were not chocolate but they contained rose water, the main flavouring in Turkish Delight, so I made the batter according to the recipe and stuck them in the oven, the aroma was subtly pleasant, unlike the stench of my previous attempt and once cooked I left them to cool.

I didn't have any icing sugar and was just about to go out and get some in order to make the required rosewater flavoured icing when curiosity got the better of me and I just had to have a little nibble to see what the cakes tasted like, the short answer is bleugh and needless to say I didn't bother to go out and get the icing sugar.

The cupcakes tasted as bad as the fabric conditioner version I'd invented four months ago.  Now most people would be disappointed by a baking disaster like this, not me, if Hummingbird's cupcakes tasted a shit as mine then I'm in bloody good company, the only disappointment as far as I'm concerned was the waste and the lack of cake in the house for a couple of days.
Oh well, lesson learned and onto the next cake!


  1. Oh no, what a shame!

    They still looked very pretty though!

  2. lol - I couldnt imagine a rose-water cupcake, but at least you gave it a go and think of the calories saved hehe, although me being slightly evil (always up for a joke) would have put them in the cake tin for my hubby to have a taste of haha! Scarlett x

  3. I'm pretty sure birds will eat rose-flavored cupcakes, so maybe it doesn't have to be a *total* waste ;)

  4. Scarlett you don't know how evil you are, they were truly vile :)

    Iris I have a very naughty cat so I don't tend to encourage birds into my garden, my loss is their gain.

  5. did you make sure it was culinary rose water and not cosmetic rose water?

  6. Yes, it was definitely culinary rose water.


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