Friday, 22 April 2011

Clucking Hell It's Easter

It's Good Friday and boy has it been a good Friday, the children have been having fun at their Grandmother's and Mr Right and I have been busy getting lots of little jobs done that just never seem to get completed when there are children to be entertained.  

I have spent the day finishing off a couple of little niggling hand sewing jobs, backing up the photos from my camera and phone, printing off a couple of recipes and lots of decoupage sheets for an upcoming project (details to follow I'm sure) and a bit of blogging, not to mention (of course) some baking.

I usually make Easter Nests or egg shaped sponge cakes
2010's Easter offerings
but this year I thought, having never tried, that I would go all traditional on Easter's ass and make a Simnel Cake, although I didn't make one big cake, I made some cupcakes.  

really don't know why I haven't made this before now as it's delicious.  It's basically a fruity sponge flavoured with mixed spice, orange and marzipan and is a refreshing change from all the chocolate that's doing the rounds at this time of year.
My Simnel cupcakes complete with bunny and chick cake toppers
I also took time out to prepare the clues for Buster's Easter Egg Hunt, an annual Right family tradition since 2006 and bag up the chocolate eggs that Buster and I made yesterday for the Grandparents.
Breaking up the chocolate to be melted
Carefully pouring it into the moulds
Coating a large egg mould with chocolate
Some of Buster's finished eggs
I just need to put the Easter Tree up, dish out the last of our eggs to our friend's kiddie winks and hide the plastic eggs filled with clues (in the correct order!) and slip into my Easter Bunny ears and pom-pom tail a la Bridget Jones (minus the french maid's outfit of course!).  

Anyway, I hope you have a cracking good Easter and I'll see you on the other side when I suspect we'll all be egg-shaped and feeling rather sick. 
Me, on Monday


  1. The cakes look fabulous - remind me to head to yours next easter with all the food and entertainment on offer :o) Have an amazing easter Scarlett x

  2. my you've been busy! and your cakes look divine ♥
    We have been so busy with the boring stuff we haven't made a thing this year...although time yet!
    You'll be pleased to hear the crazy has moved on and the pigeon is dead...what a week!
    fee x
    (happy easter x)


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