Friday, 25 March 2011

The Worst Day Of My Life

Yesterday was the worst day of my life.  

At 11am I received a phone call from Mr Right's office asking if he was due into work today and if so had he left home yet?  My blood ran cold, Mr Right had left home at 7.30am and it's only a 45 minute commute on the M1, so after almost 4 hours he still hadn't arrived at the office.  I felt sick.  I got straight on the phone, calling his mobile but to my dismay it went straight to answer phone.  I left a tearful message telling him how worried I was and asking him to call me as soon as he could.

I bombarded his phone with text messages the heartbreaking text 'worried x' from Sian O'Callahan's boyfriend that had helped in the initial search for her fresh in my mind, just in case his car was in a ditch somewhere and hadn't been spotted.

I just stared at my phone blankly, I didn't know what to do, so I did what everyone does in those kind of situations, I reverted to childhood and called my folks (again in tears) and bless them, they came haring back from a shopping trip to a nearby town, also fearing the worst.

In the mean time I searched the traffic sites on the internet and saw that there had been a jackknifed lorry on the section of the motorway that he traveled that had caused the whole road to be closed.  Of course I assumed that if he was just stuck in the traffic he would have called the office and at least let them know he would be late and therefore as he hadn't he was somehow involved in the accident so I frantically called the Accident and Emergency departments of the two big hospitals on his route and after answering lots of questions and an agonizing wait I was informed by both that he was not in their care and that they had no 'unidentifieds' .  

All the time I was thinking there's a real prospect I could be a widow and how the hell do I tell the kids that they had lost their father, especially the day after Buster's birthday and with Missy being so little.

Finally I spoke to the local police and after giving Mr Right's numberplate they were able to inform me that his car was not involved in the M1 accident and tried to allay my fears by reassuring me that he was probably just caught up in the ensuing nightmare traffic jam, made worse by road works and people breaking down.

I still couldn't get terrible thoughts out of my head that he might have taken a back route to avoid the traffic and come off the road somehow.

At about 12.30 I received a call that changed my day from the worst to the best, it was from Mr Right.  He'd finally got into the office 5 hours after he left home and had indeed been stuck in the traffic on the closed motorway.  Assuming he'd only be stationary for a short while he played a few games on his phone, which caused the battery to die leaving him with no way to communicate his lateness to the office (or me).  

To say I was relieved would be an understatement but I must confess I was a bit angry with him for causing such worry not only to me but my parents and his colleagues and asked for his reassurance that should such a situation arise again could he kindly step out of the car and ask someone else if he can borrow their phone so that I'm not on the receiving end of one of those calls ever again.

This morning he showed me that he had put a couple of books in his car just in case he gets stuck again so he's not tempted to play with his phone so I think the message hit home.  Although I think a car phone charger may have to go on his birthday gift list!


  1. Yikes Christy, what an awful few hours for you. Yup, I think the phone charger is the way forward. Have a great, worry free weekend! xx

  2. OMG how awful for you. So glad hes ok. x


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