Thursday, 31 March 2011

What's Yellow And Dangerous?

Q:  What's yellow and dangerous?

A:  Buster's new lunch box snacks. 

Any mum who prepares a packed lunch for their child will know how tricky it is juggling a child's miniscule boredom threshold with school rules on what is and what isn't permitted for lunch whilst making it a well-balanced healthy yet appealing meal.

Buster has had a packed lunch at school every day for the past 5 years made up from a juice box (fruit juice, no added sugar of course), a sandwich or flatbread or crackers or a filled pitta, sometimes even a slice of cold home-made pizza just to liven things up  There's the ever-present piece of fruit and some kind of squeezy yogurt.  

But I do like to add a little treat every day, I'm not talking sweets or chocolate (those items are not permitted in lunch boxes by the school and rightly so) but I've been through the lot; home-made cake (when we have it), Fruit Winders, sultana boxes, Humzingers, Nutrigrain bars, granola, flapjacks, crunchy nut bars and just lately yogurt covered dried fruit flakes.  

Sainsbury's didn't have any in this week so I took a gamble and purchased two boxes of Ambrosia's version, although theirs are not covered in yogurt they're covered in CUSTARD!

I'm not sure how long they've been about but I only noticed them this week.  Buster and I have tried both flavours (Apple and Banana) and agree that the banana is the best.  They might look like sweetcorn but as the company name suggests they are indeed the food of the gods.  

They just need to bring out a rhubarb falvour and I'll be hooked.

 NB:  This is not a sponsored post


  1. Sound most peculiar to me but I can imagine my boys would like them! I will have to hunt them down.

  2. ahhh rhubarb, I've got a rhubarb and ginger crumble cooling in the kitchen.

    B has packed lunches too and proudly told us the other night that she had a packet of crisps and packet of jaffa cakes as her friend didn't want them. 'Where are the empty packets?' (all the rubbish comes home so we know what they have or haven't eaten) 'We put them in her box so her mum would think she ate them'!! How worryingly cunning at 6!

  3. mmmmm rhubarb and ginger crumble sounds to die for!

    Can't believe the slyness of 6 year olds, too funny, bless their little cottons.

  4. If you track them down Lakota you'll have to let me know your boys' opinion, I'm hoping we're not odd in thinking them delish!


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