Saturday, 26 March 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Much to the amusement of my husband's friends I have been back to the charity shops yet again this week and, after an initial dry spell, I discovered a couple of new local shops and came up trumps yet again.

First up is this diddy glass tray for 60p

Then, what I think to be green tea cups, all four still in the original box for £1.00
Still on an oriental theme a pretty Japanese three legged pot for £3.00
This floral teacup, saucer and side plate for £3.00
And finally, my sale of the century this white china tea set with gold trim, £6.00 (yes you read it right!) for the whole lot!!!!!!!
Teapot, 5 teacups (sadly one missing), 6 saucers, 6 side plates, a cake plate and sugar bowl, I just need to find a complementary milk jug and perhaps a similar teacup and I'll have a complete set.

This post is part of Magpie Monday over on Me And My Shadow, go take a look at the other bargains, you know you want to!

Me and My Shadow


  1. Oh my!! I'm a complete teacup/china glutton so my eyes are on stalks at your bargain there, £6.00 is a fantastic buy! Also absolutely love your little oriental 3 legged pot - it would look divine on a dressing table :-) I'm a fellow thrifter and I'm loving your finds - there is nothing like the buzz of finding little treasures and giving them a new home is there?

    Jem xXx

  2. Loving all that tea set and yes a complete bargain!! Scarlett x

  3. Wow £6.00 pounds for the whole tea set, that is amazing! I love the clean lines on the tea set and the gold trim is a great finish. Also I adore the Japenese china trinket jar, it is very pretty. Bx

  4. OMG! Head over to my Magpie Monday finds on for a shock!!
    Also, well done on such pretty things and I love the green tea cup thingies.

  5. Love the tea set - I think I have one like in a box in my garage (oops).

  6. What a gorgeous tea set - amazing bargain.

    I love the glass dish and the little trinket pot too.

    Thanks for linking up x

  7. some beautiful finds there, love the Japanese box :)

  8. Beautiful pieces i adore the little teacup so pretty :)

  9. £6 was an amazing price for the tea set xx

  10. Wow! I envy you the china you bought for just £6! I can't believe the price. My husband will only drink out of a china cup and saucer. He says, quite rightly, that tea tastes so much better. You got the bargain of the week i reckon!

  11. Oh lovely finds, I especially love the teacup, saucer and plate x

  12. wow! I saw a set similar to that in a local charity shop but the wanted £33 for it! :O

    Isn't it gorgeous!

  13. Wonderful finds, and I can't believe that two of you got the same china sets for the same post ! That is truly spooky !
    Love the green tea cups, really cute. xx

  14. OMG! Brilliant finds! Especially the tea set, I love it x

  15. Wow, that tea set was a total bargain - brilliant!!


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