Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sofa, So Good

I received the new Aspace catalogue in this morning's post and this little baby popped right off the page at me, I LOVE it and desperately want one for Missy's my bedroom.
I have loved their kid's furniture since I discovered them when Buster moved from his nursery style room into his big boy's bedroom aged four and I purchased this gorgeous little replica high school locker for him
Now to convince Mr Right that he wants yet another sofa in the house, we already have five, including this gorgeous hunk of loveliness inherited from my paternal grandparents
but this is only a weeny one, how could he possibly refuse?


  1. Tell him you clicked 'buy' by mistake :-D!

  2. do you really have room for another? I thought we were bad with 3, but with plans for an extension next year WE could need another!

  3. WOW! It is GORGEOUS!!!! Mr Right has to say yes!


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