Tuesday, 1 March 2011

School Runs

Missy has been under the weather for a few days now.  She vomited in her sleep on Saturday night and, instead of crying to wake us up, she took herself off down the unsoiled end of her cot to go back to sleep.  As a result the vomit was dried into everything, including her hair, it took four washes with peppermint shampoo just to get rid of the smell!

The house has stunk of vomit parmesan since then and, to add insult to injury, just when the vomiting stopped the diarrhoea started.  

Thinking she was on the mend as she hadn't been sick for over 24 hours I strapped her into her buggy so that we could pick Buster up from school but as soon as we returned home she had a nappy explosion, talk about the school runs!  All those fluids I had been forcing down her to stave off dehydration came back to haunt me in spades.  She had to be surgically removed from her clothing and hosed down in the bath.

Thankfully she seemed much brighter this morning and even decided to start feeding herself her breakfast so I decided to play Russian roulette with a trip to Sainsbury's and thankfully I didn't require the nappies, plastic bag, changing mat, wipes and change of clothes I had packed just in case.

I hadn't even heard her utter her favourite word 'cake' in three days but today she saw me finishing a slice and almost wrestled me to the ground.  I offered her a morsel, mindful of her fragile tummy, with my remaining cake in the other hand, needless to say she opted for the larger portion and I was left with a few crumbs, but I didn't mind as it was just great to see her back to her normal cake-monster self.


  1. Oh shame, it's so awful when they are ill!

    Wanting some cake is of course a brilliant indication that she is on the mend!

    Hope the bug is all gone now!

  2. Oh poor you, poorly children are no fun. I might have to set you a task (if you're up for it) our little boy is allergic to dairy and I feel bad when we all eat cake in front of him but I haven't got the time to devote to finding a yummy dairy free cake. I made his first b'day cake with soya spread - it's just not the same...the only other is flapjack with soya spread which he seems to love! All I want is someone to say 'here have this recipe it is fab and dairyfree'.
    thanks! Mx

  3. Hey M, poor wee man, can't be much fun being excluded from a cake frenzy. Soya is crap in most forms isn't it? I've had a quick look into it on the Go Dairy Free website and perhaps substituting butter for like-textured stuff such as cocoa butter, shea butter, peanut butter could be an option. I will give it some more thought and maybe have an experiment when I get a mo. x

  4. Hi MOAW - She's much better this afternoon thanks! :)


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