Friday, 25 March 2011

I Want Me Some Stardust

Ever since I became a mum to a boy 9 years ago I have been constantly searching out items of clothing that are a little bit different.  When he was small shops used to stock twice as many things for girls as they did for boys and I was sick of it so if I would make it my mission to search out quirky and fun t-shirts at every opportunity, sometimes resorting to making them myself.  

Most of his collection I have only recently passed on on eBay and it would appear from the many profitable sales that there is still a lack of really cool tops for kids, that was until I read a retweeted message from another mummy blogger about Stardust.

Stardust make the kind of tops I wish had been in the shops when Buster was a toddler, thankfully they make clothes for babies, toddlers as well as discerning 9 year olds, they even do stuff for adults along with jewellery and accessories.  Lots of their products can be personalised too, ideal as gifts for other like-minded funky souls.

My personal favourites are, for Missy the Audry Hepburn Cat t-shirt 
and for Buster the Bruce Lee Karate Tiger t-shirt
Stardust also have a reassuring 'Ethical' section on their website which clarifies all those nagging questions the savvy consumer feels they should be asking these days which is a bonus.

Anyway take a look at their lovely wares here or follow them on Twitter @stardustrascals or 'Like' them on Facebook (search StardustKids).

NB - I'm hoping this will be a sponsored post in that Stardust will send me a free t-shirt as promised for sprinkling some Stardust over my lovely readers.


  1. I like stardust clothing too and got finley an Elvis t-shirt when he was a baby. Scarlett x

  2. I've just popped over to their site and their clothes are gorgeous! The superhero hoodies are fabulous!


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