Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Happy Flipping Pancake Day Tossers!

It's Shrove Tuesday and although I won't be giving anything up for Lent I still love a good pancake feast.  I did a quick and dirty poll on Facebook this morning and was surprised to see that Lemon and Sugar are still the favourite toppings amongst my friends.  I prefer a bit of whipped cream and some golden syrup.

As a family we usually skip dinner on Pancake Day and compete to see how many we can manage before we feel sick (not many).

I will be making my pancakes this afternoon when Missy goes for her nap, I'll also be making extra as I love to make Pancake Cannelloni.  It's an old skool Delia Smith recipe and is basically a Lasagne dish but you substitute the pasta sheets with pancakes.

I love pancakes in all forms, Scotch Pancakes are another firm favourite in the Right household wonderful freshly made, still warm with a smear of cold butter.  I add a bit of vanilla extract to mine and some sultanas.  I'd really like to try American blueberry pancakes and pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.

Buster is looking forward to the flipping process, when he was small I used to make a thicker mini pancake for him to flip to his heart's content in his little plastic frying pan but as he's got older he's had a go at the real thing with hilarious results, although sadly we no longer have the dog to clear up the mess.

Anyway, hope all you tossers have a flipping good pancake day and that none of you end up with an Yvette Fielding Blue Peter special!


  1. I can honestly say that the blueberry and the bacon and maple syrup versions are absolutely amazing!!!

  2. You need to come to Brighton with me for a girly weekend and we can indulge at Woodies Longboard Diner! They do THE best bacon and maple syrup pancakes this side of the Atlantic (in my humble opinion!)


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