Friday, 25 March 2011

Happy Birthday Buster

Buster turned 9 (how did that happen?!) this week and requested a Club Penguin themed birthday cake.  For those not in the know Club Penguin is yet another licence for Disney to print money and Buster has been pissing his in their general direction every opportunity he gets of late, hence the cake.  

He had originally asked for a Ben 10 Ultimatrix but had a sudden change of direction at the eleventh hour, which I suppose is only to be expected of a pre-teen these days and I should expect this type of fickleness as the shape of things to come from now on.

Anyway, here's the cake


  1. Happy Birthday Buster!

    That cake is amazing!

  2. Happy Birthday Buster - the cake is amazing! Im not looking forward to my little boy being old enough to want the latest craze toy - although waybuloo has suddenly lured him in ;O) Scarlett x

  3. Thanks! :)

    Bloody Waybuloo, that was Missy's cake last year!


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