Saturday, 26 March 2011

Gorgeous Gadgets - Nintendo 3DS

Finally, two days after his birthday, an extremely patient Buster received his Nintendo 3DS and quite frankly he hasn't had a look in.  I am in L-O-V-E with it.  It's amazing.  

Anything 3D amazes me.  I used to love the old 3D movies they used to put on after Gloria Hunniford's Sunday Sunday when I was a child and fell back in love with the genre with the recent cinematic revival which was so much of an improvement on the old cardboard glasses with the red and blue sweet wrapper lenses.

The 3DS is so much better than even the recent movie and TV technology because it's 3D gaming but without glasses.  I was blown away as soon as we switched the console on.  There's so much to do, even before you play any purchased games.  

You can make 3D images of yourself (the 3DS has inbuilt cameras) and have them fly around the room for you to shoot.  The console also comes with some cards that enable 3D images to be transposed onto flat surfaces.  At one point I was trying to defeat a 3D dragon that had emerged from my kitchen work surface! 

Buster also received the new Lego Star Wars III game which is also in 3D and is perfectly suited to it.

I think I'm more in awe of it than Buster is, he's just taking it all in his stride but for me it's as if Back To The Future is actually becoming a reality.  You have to remember that when I was his age the tv in my room was my parent's old black and white portable which had a dial to select the channel and a coat hanger style aerial.

It really has to be seen to be believed and at the moment I can't wait for Buster's bed time as that's when I get to have an uninterrupted play.

NB - I wish this was a sponsored post but it's not :(

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