Saturday, 19 March 2011

Doily Dolly

This afternoon I tweeted and facebooked that I was sorting out my doilies (god I live life in the fast lane!) and I'm not sure that my followers/friends believed that I had enough to warrant a sort out but just for the lookie-loos here's my collection so far.
I have circular ones, rectangular ones, oval ones and my favourites, the heart shaped ones, all in different sizes.  I've yet to purchase some patterned ones but I'm sure it won't be long!


  1. Is it wrong to covet your doilie collection?

  2. Certainly not, after all, there's no eleventh commandment that states 'thou shalt not covet thine fellow blogger's doilie collection'. X

  3. Holy moly - you weren't kidding! Just saw something in a box about how you can stiffen them with sugar water and make a little basket for sweets or a cake or similar, might be your kind of thing?

  4. Wow! Now that defo sounds like my kinda thang. Will look into it, thanks! :)

  5. Doilies are so underrated! You can use them as is, lay them over cakes and use them as a stencil for dusting with icing sugar, chop them up and use them for crafty bits . . . just lovely :-)

    Jem xXx


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