Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Desperate Dan's Cow Pie

On Sunday I roasted a joint of beef and to say that it was perfection was an understatement.  I know I am blowing my own trumpet but isn't that what blogging is all about?!  Anyway, sadly there wasn't enough left for us to enjoy it two nights running so I decided to pad it out by dicing it up and slinging it in the slow cooker with some onions, mushrooms, salt and pepper and a dash or Worcester sauce and let is simmer away all day in a thick gravy.  It was velvety before it went into the slow cooker, it was denture tender when it came out.

I made some pastry and lined a pie dish with it, slopped in the rich beef filling

and, as I had quite a bit of pastry left over, I decided to have a bit of fun with the pie lid.  Remembering The Dandy comic character Desperate Dan and his Cow Pie with the horns I decided to recreate it using the medium of shortcrust pastry

and here's my interpretation before a visit to the oven

Every day, on the way home from school, Buster asks what's for dinner and he's normally greeted by a sarcastic response like rat pie and chips, so when I told him it was cow pie he didn't really bat an eyelid, until he saw it.  He said he knew they were only pastry horns but I don't think he was entirely convinced, especially when I mooed as he cut into it.  Hopefully this dining experience won't make him want to become a vegetarian, perhaps next time I should make a pastry rat pie with chips!
Fine dining?  More like bovine dining!


  1. Oh that is mean! Funny . . . but mean ;-D!

    Please don't post any pics of the rat pie!


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