Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cakey, Cakey! - Coconut & Cherry Cake

Yesterday my family discovered a coconut and cherry cake when they delved under the cake dome in the kitchen in the quest to fill lunchboxes or just fill a gap.

The recipe came from an 80s cookery book that my mother offloaded onto me when I moved out of home and was supposed to be a loaf but I discovered (to my amazement) that I don't actually own a large loaf tin, how could I let this happen?  This means the whole world of tea loaves has so far been denied me, this must be remedied immediately!

Anyway, here's the cake.  Looks dull, tastes divine.  In fact it tasted so divine that it was gone within 24 hours and I have had to bake another today! 


  1. I reckon the cakes that look boring are the best. Children always go for the eyecatching ones and they are not always the best. I make a lemon and lime poppyseed trickle cake which doesn't look much but tastes divine, people are always pleasantly surprised when they taste it.

  2. Your 'boring' cake sounds lovely, we need a recipe exchange when I come up with a dairy-free cake for your little man. x


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