Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cake Stand And Deliver

I need a bigger house.  I'm a consumer, I can't help it, it's how my generation were brought up.  A product of 80s excess.  I'm also a hoarder which doesn't help my cause.  Take my many cake stands, I could buy a new one every week but they're not the easiest of items to store.  I have them in cupboards, on top of cupboards, on window ledges, on top of the fridge, they're even stacked on top of each other, Mr Right says he's scared to fart in case it brings a teetering tower crashing to the ground (great deterrent!).
Some of my cake stands
It's not just cake stands, I have domes, boxes and tins that I use for storing and transporting cakes too.  The irony of requiring storage for my storage is not lost on me, I think the solution might be to just build a house out of the cake stands and storage boxes.


  1. I'm the same with cake stands - got lots but at least they can have multiple uses, ive got a few currently showcasing jewellery in my bedroom :o) Scarlett x

  2. Cake stands - yeah, I think it's a girl thing! I just got two new (old) pressed glass ones yesterday (stolen from my Gran - who's happy to declutter). But I agree they're a bugger to store :-(

  3. Hmmm, there is unexploited use in the bedroom, must look into that, thanks Scarlett! x

    Jealous of FREE cakestands Lakota! x

  4. Oh yes, I was just going to suggest displaying your jewellery on one of your many gorgeous cake stands. I have one lonely cake stand (the cream wire one you've got on the right of the piccy - from Homebase?) which I use to house fruit when our fruit bowls are overloaded!

  5. Yeah Loo, my wire one (Great Little Trading Co!) usually keeps the manky bananas and pears safe until it's time to bin them! x


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