Thursday, 24 February 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

I've been out charity shop shopping again.  This week's finds are as follows
A heavy glass tray, probably part of a dressing table set but I'm going to use it for cakes (what else?!)
A small pressed glass plate with Father Christmas on his sleigh above a wintery rooftop scene, ideal for the kids to put a mince pie on for the man himself on Christmas Eve
Two Mary Quant logo-esque flower shaped bowls, they go beautifully with the floral mural I painted on our bedroom wall a few years ago
Two books.  A patisserie book, I can never resist a book about cakes and a cocktail book, with cocktail recipes for every day of the year, loved the 80s style cover and the subtitle '365 Happy Hours'.  The cocktail book is part of a housewarming gift for The B family, they moved house this week and they have an old skool cocktail bar, complete with pineapple shaped ice bucket, so I thought it would be ideal, hopefully they will have more than 365 happy hours with it.

This post is featured as part of Magpie Monday , fly on over to Me & My Shadow and search out the other jewels
Me and My Shadow


  1. I love that tray, and the plate, and the bowls . . . you need to take me shopping one day, you truly have a gift!

  2. Any time! Love to have a bargain buddies tag along, so much more fun than on your own. I have been out shopping in the charity shops again today so there will be more to post later in the week I'm sure. :)

  3. Hi!

    Just noticed Rosita Lollipop in your roll call -are you a Herts girl? I've just spent the day cleaning out the Hitchin charity shops! Fab day.

    Love your glass finds, the santa plate will be gorgous on Christmas eve.

    The cake book looks divine too. Thanks for linking up xx

  4. I'm a Beds gal but I cross the border for bargains and just love Rosita's shop! I had a good go at the Hitchin shops a couple of weeks back but don't get out that way too often, although Hitchin does seem to have some really good ones. x


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