Tuesday, 22 February 2011

This Coffee Tastes Like Shit

Mr Right and I had a rare child-free day together today, so we decided to head off for some retail therapy at Westfield.  We had a lovely leisurely nose round the shops without the usual vocal accompaniments of either Missy crying or a whining Buster asking 'how many more shops do we have to go in?'

We stopped off for lunch in the food court and chose Pho, a Vietnamese street food restaurant.  I had the Cha Gio Chay (vegetable spring rolls) and Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup), Mr Right enjoyed the Goi Cuon Ga (chicken summer rolls) and Pho Xau Thit Ga (chicken and prawn noodles), it all looked and tasted amazing and was sin-free as it's all made while you wait from simple, fresh ingredients.
My lunch
Regular readers of my blog might recall my 'Coffee Is For Mugs' post last year in which I mention Mr Right's desire to try Kopi Luwak (a coffee made from beans previously eaten and excreted by monkeys).  Well Mr Right was excited to see that Pho actually served a variety of this beverage
There's shit coffee on the menu
and he simply had to try it
Mr Right takes his first sip
I was a little disappointed that it didn't arrive in a weasel shaped cup but had a sip never the less, just to satisfy my curiosity but, as I'm not a huge fan of coffee anyway, it just tasted like any other bitter black coffee.  

Mr Right seemed to enjoy it enough, although I don't think he felt the flavour was amazing enough to justify the £5.95 price tag and 10 minute wait for it to be prepared but at least he's fulfilled a teeny ambition and never has to drink shit coffee again, unless of course I'm making it!


  1. The food looks and sounds yummy, but I think I'd have to pass on the coffee.
    Child free day, gosh, what is that?

  2. The food was fab and I'm with you on the coffee, been over to your new look blog, loving the pink btw. Am going to attempt to put one of your buttons on my blog, wish me luck! :)


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