Friday, 11 February 2011

Sew Happy!

My sewing machine returned from its MOT today, which filled me with joy and dread in equal measures. Joy because I needed to have it back safely in my possession as it was an heirloom from my paternal grandmother and therefore has enormous sentimental value but dread because now there was no excuse to put off the inevitable.
My machine ready to go
Thankfully the machine came back to me pre-threaded so I was able to do a few runs of stitches without having to tackle the dreaded rethread/bobbin replacement combo straight off the bat and they went well, in that there was no grinding sound and I didn't produce a knotted ball of pubes.  So I tried a zigzag or two until the thread and bobbin ran out which meant I would have to tackle my demons head on.  Again success!  This filled me with a little more confidence so I thought I'd have a bash at a mini project.  I decided to make a little drawstring bag from a pretty butterfly print remnant. 
Woman and machine in perfect harmony
It wasn't technically challenging or particularly well executed but the fact that I had managed to complete something at all, especially in under ten minutes rather than the mammoth manual labour-a-thon of my usual hand stitch method, pleased me no end.
My first project
After my first project was safely under my belt I had a little play.  It really is a whizzy machine, it does button holes (I had to change the foot!) and lots of things I was far too chicken to try such as zips, invisible hems, embroidery and it even sews on buttons!  Just need lots of free time and some lovely fabric to get me going sewing.

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