Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Ribbon Is Gonna Get You

I've already posted about my love of buttons, this post is an homage to my love of ribbon.  I can't see a bit of ribbon go to waste, I save it from around the bottom of cakes, off birthday gift wrapping and I even cut out the longer pieces of unused hanging ribbon from clothing.

I've amassed quite a collection

Don't get me wrong, although most my collection is comprised of salvaged ribbon I do actually purchase some too, some of my favourite purchases are...

...this flamingo print ribbon, 

and these ribbons printed with text, 'Goody Goody Gum Drops', 
reindeer names for Christmas
'Coochy Coo' for new arrivals
and 'Happy Valentine's Day'

I love ric-rac, lace and all kinds of braiding and fringing too.  As regular readers will know I suffer from OCD and my ribbon collection, although quite small, troubles me as I have yet to come up with an obsessive friendly way to store them.  At present they are in zip-lock bags sorted into colour and rammed into a pretty box.  

I have been researching the best method of storage and, as I don't have many reels of ribbon, I'm thinking maybe wrapping them round embroidery thread cards and securing them with mini pegs could be a good option or this pretty idea of wrapping ribbons around old wooden pegs.

Any other suggestions would be most welcome!  I also discovered on my internet research travels that you can purchase such a thing as a ribbon iron, it's like a miniature set of hair straighteners for ribbons, whatever next?!  If I don't get my mishmash of ribbons sorted pronto I might just need one.

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