Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Queen Of Hearts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and whilst looking for glass items to showcase here I was amazed to see just how many heart shaped items I own, hopefully this is because subliminally I am a very loving person (either that or I shop too damn much)
For the food of love?
I love Le Creuset
Love eggs?!
Heart I made from jingly bells
A gift from Mrs B
My heart bucket from a holiday to Cornwall
Am I hooked on hearts?
Cornish tin heart, a surprise 10th (tin) wedding anniversary
gift from Mr Right whilst we were holidaying in that beautiful county 
Even my mum has cottoned on to my love of both buttons AND hearts,
this was part of a gorgeous Christmas hamper she put together
Interlinked button hearts that I made for our bedroom door
A more colourful version I made to decorate Missy's bedroom door
You know how much I love accessories
I love a brew too
Heart of glass
Heavy Heart? Paperweights


  1. Oh that is a gorgeous collection! Of course you are a loving person, there is no such thing as too much shopping!

  2. Thanks! I suspected as much (on both counts!)


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