Thursday, 24 February 2011

Power HairCut

I finally did it, after a year of au naturel locks, I found a new hairdresser and got my hair coloured and cut!

The salon, recommended to my by a friend, is tiny with only a couple of unpretentious stylists (I know!) and more importantly it's way cheaper than the over inflated prices that went along with the egos of my salon of the last five years.

I was a little nervous at first as putting your hair in a stranger's scissorhands is always a nail biting experience but I needn't have worried as I'm really pleased with the result, although the power cut halfway through the hair wash was an adventure.  I had images of having to go home with soaking wet hair but the girls thought laterally and got on the blower to the barbers across the car park to see if they could dry my hair over there.  Thankfully they agreed and we dashed over to them with a hairdryer, bottles of product and some trusty ghds and the problem was solved.  

I was pleased to discover that they also cut kid's hair too which is a bonus as Missy will need her first haircut soon.

My haircut was an electrifying experience!

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