Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Not So Free Reader

Buster was very excited last week as there had been talk of him attaining the holy grail of school literacy by becoming a 'free-reader'.  For those not in the know a free-reader is someone who has exhausted the school reading book levels and is forced to read Jilly Cooper novels until they leave.
Free and easy reading?
Last Wednesday the news came that he had indeed become a free-reader, an achievement I'm particularly proud of as he's the first in his class (year 4) to do so and the fact that he's a boy only compounds my pride as it's usually girls that out-perform boys in the school literary arena.  All those many hours of listening to the woeful adventures of Biff, Chip, Kipper and, who could forget, Floppy have finally paid dividends!
Poor Mummy more like,
I will have to sit through the whole lot again with Missy!

He was understandably over the moon although he got a bit over excited and thought that it meant he could spend the next 2 years reading annuals and comic books.  Mr Right and I put the kibosh on that immediately and we have been desperately trying to steer him in the direction of children's classics.  After much negotiation he has decided that he will read The Chronicles Of Narnia commencing with The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe but only after he's finished all his Ben 10 books.  I tried!


  1. That is fab news, you can always hope that Biff, Chip and Wilma will have been replaced by the time Missy is learning - somehow I doubt it! They are dire, we have big discussions in our house about the lacks of manners, they never seem to say 'please'!

  2. Wonderful! Book worms are brilliant, will help with grammar and spelling and all those lovely things.

  3. Those books are so boring and I seem to remember them being rude too.

    Nerdy, nerdy book worms. Love it! x


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