Monday, 14 February 2011

Love Cake

Happy Valentine's Day!  I know there is a divide, those that do Valentine's Day and those that don't.  The Rights are most definitely doers, even Buster bought a couple of little gifts and sweets with his own money and made a card for his girlfriend Miss L which we had to drop off last night so she'd have them this morning.

We all sat on our bed this morning unwrapping cards and trinkets.  I surprised Mr Right with a homemade card and a new Swiss Army Knife as he lost his Christmas tree shopping with his mum and I was lucky enough to receive two new brooches to add to my collection, a pink peacock and a diamante poodle, Mr Right knows the way to a woman's heart.

Over the weekend we had been into town and I had my usual amble round the tat-filled aisles of Poundland and spotted some heart shaped sponge tins, perfect for this week's cake.  I made the sponges last night...
...ready for decoration this morning.  

I'm really looking forward to Buster and Mr Right's reactions when they get in from school and work this evening as I made it for them, with love, as the finale for tonight's 'romantic' dinner for four.


  1. Oh you are such a romantic bunch!

    That cake is gorgeous!

  2. Ah thanks, hopefully they will like it too!


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