Sunday, 13 February 2011

Keep Young And Beautiful

It was my god daughter's 2nd birthday this week and I spotted this and thought she'd love it so I made a purchase (although I must confess that I purchased one for Missy's second birthday too!)
It's a beauty box containing all the accoutrements the chic toddler about town could possibly require therein and they're all made out of cotton.  There's an eyeshadow pallet with applicator, nail polish bottle, blusher brush, comb, hairdryer and face powder compact.

I purchased mine from as they had the most competitively priced one I could find.  They were really helpful and also sell loads of other cute fabric items such as 
Tea For Two
Picnic Hamper (check out the wine bottle and glasses!)

English Tea Set

Sushi Set
They also do a gardening set, play food set and this cute ice cream van set!
It was lovely to see Miss D playing with it at her party this afternoon, I think she loved using the powder compact and eyeshadow the best.  I wish all make-up was this much fun, long-lasting and you don't have to remember to take it off before bed!



  1. Miss D loves her beauty box muchly. As does her mummy! I have checked out the rest of the range and am feeling some spending coming on! You always find such unique lovely presents! Can i employ you as my personal shopper?

  2. No because she is already mine!!! Love it I want one x

  3. Ladies, ladies. Please don't fight, there's plenty of ChrisTea And Cakes to go round. Anyway, you two are fab at the present thing without my help. x


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