Saturday, 12 February 2011

H.M.P. Right

I hate stair gates, we own three of them that initially we used when our dog was a puppy and then for Buster during his toddling years, this week I had to put one in the kitchen doorway so that I didn't have to worry about Missy touching the oven when it was on (which regulars to my blog will know is quite often).

It became apparent yesterday evening that we will have to put the other two up at the top and bottom of the stairs as, when Missy overheard Mr Right and I say that it was her bedtime, she was off up the stairs on her own like a rat up a drainpipe.

So this weekend my home will once again look like the interior of Wormwood scrubs, I can only hope that Missy doesn't start banging her sippy cup across the bars or perform a dirty protest with a freshly filled nappy.


  1. it's remembering how they all work yourself!

    We've had them top and bottom f the stairs for a couple of years now, and am actually mid shopping for one right this moment for the kitchen since tiny Ivy pest *opened* the oven yesterday! Truly hair-raising! And in the last week I've given up and fireguarded the tv from her too.
    They have an amazing turn of speed when it comes to stairs and ovens don't they?! Good luck penning Missy in ;)

  2. They should make toddling an Olympic sport when there's mischief to be made!

    I hate it when I forget that you need two hands to open one of them and I only usually remember when I'm holding something trying to open it!

    This time round we have Buster and since he broke his wrist before Christmas he's a little bit weaker in the arm than Mr Right or I so he has trouble too.

    Will be glad when my house is my own again!

    Hopefully be able to get rid of the playpen once the stair gates are up and regain half my living room.

    A fire guard for the TV isn't a bad idea either, no matter how much we say NO! I'm still rubbing off sticky finger marks, she's so unlike her brother in that respect.

    Hope you can keep Ivy away from the oven, unless she's gonna whip up a batch of cupcakes for you all! :)


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