Monday, 7 February 2011

Heart Of Glass

I made a purchase on Saturday that made me realise I might have yet another eensy weensy addiction.  This addiction became apparent when I was looking for items to photograph as an illustration on here, in that there were too many items to choose from.  My addiction (this week) is to glass and items made thereof.  Here are the ones that made the cut

Pink pressed glass bon bon jar and heart jar
Shabby chic soap dish picked up on a visit to The Lanes in Brighton
My Grandmother's crystal perfume atomiser
Giant diamond paperweight
French cake dome, a £6 charity shop find
On the left is a Weck Deco preserving jar (£3 charity shop find)
and on the right is a cherry jam pot, another Lanes purchase
My cake stands (the one on the left was a lovely gift from Mrs B)
Jars containing chocolate chips, jelly beans and tuck
...and finally, Saturday's purchase, an apothecary jar.
Just need to find something to put in it now!

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