Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dolly Daydream

I've not posted for a while, that's because I have been busy making a duvet cover for Missy.  She's old enough to have a cot duvet now and I decided to use some of Buster's old cot sheets to make the cover itself and then appliqued a Matryoska doll onto it for a bit of decoration.

I was going to bash it out on my sewing machine, an ideal opportunity I thought to try again with my nemesis but a bit fell off and as I couldn't get it back on I decided to take a leaf out of Mrs E's book and sent it off for a service, should be back next week.  Anyway, my project was all tacked up so I decided to sew it by hand, hence the long absence!

Here's the fruits of my labour-intensive labour!
She's enjoying her first nap underneath it as I type.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours, and the fact that it's made by Mum is just so special!

  2. Thanks, she seemed to like it, when I went into her she was sat up just looking at the doll. She kept pointing and saying 'ook, ook' - high praise indeed. :)

  3. That is fabulous!! Love it!! lucky girl :)


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