Friday, 4 February 2011

Debbie Does Cupcakes

A mystery Amazon parcel arrived addressed to Mr Right this morning so I mentioned it to him when he called and he said that it was a little surprise for us and that I was welcome to open it.  

When I peeled back the brown cardboard wrapper I gave a little squeal of delight, I was excited to see that the parcel contained porn.  Not your common or garden top shelf porn, this was Right porn...
You see Mr Right and I love cupcakes, even though Mr Right rarely bakes he does appreciate a quirky cupcake (let's face it you can't not if you're married to me).  That's not to say he hasn't ever baked a quirky cupcake of his own...
Mr Right's bloodshot eye cakes for Halloween 2009
We already own a well-thumbed copy of the first book
It's by American super baking duo Karen Tack & Alan Richardson.  Both books have fab ideas for all occasions and give step-by-step instructions on how to emulate their wonderful and innovative creations, although being an American book it's quite tricky to source the vast array of sweets and sprinkles that they use here in the UK.

Just to give you a taste of what to expect here's a picture from the first book, an ankle shot if you will
I'm sure that the pages of the second book will become as well-thumbed as the first and hopefully a few of them will become stuck together...with errant cake mix as we try our hand at recreating the recipes!

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  1. Those corn on the cob cakes are amazing!

    I tend to just ice them plainly, but perhaps I should try my hand at something a bit more exotic!


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