Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Child Labour?

I was dusting this morning and when I had finished I put Missy in her playpen so that I could do the vacuuming.  As I was vacuuming the hallway I glanced into the living room to check she was a happy bunny when I happened upon this sight
She had taken Upsy Daisy's skirt off her and was using it to dust the fire surround.  

I got Buster's toy Dyson out of the loft last week for her to play with and she was having a whale of a time doing her best Freddy Mercury impression and the best thing is that it really sucks stuff up!
The question is, is 15 months of age too young to get her cleaning for me on a regular basis?


  1. Love it. This blog post out of them all has made me chuckle. Shes simply adorable and in answer, yes, yes you do. LOL xx

  2. Brilliant! I shall be showing those photos to my girls tomorrow in the hope they get the hint.... :)


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