Saturday, 12 February 2011

Charity Begins At Homeware

When I was a poor student I loved nothing more than poking about in charity shop for clothes.  I have decided that this year, 20 years on from my student days, I am going back to my charity shopper roots.  I've already posted about my cake dome finds but this morning I found another bit of homeware that I wanted to share with you
It's a lovely glass jelly/blancmange mould.  At £2.99 I didn't even wobble.

I also spotted this beautiful top, these days the non-student snob in me wouldn't normally allow me to purchase second-hand clothing but at £4 I just had to have it, ok so I had to replace the belt but I had the perfect one on a dress I didn't like much anyway and you'd never guess.

Buster was even bitten by the bug, which amazed me as he hates shopping but I think the combination of dead people's stuff and low, low pocket money prices sparked his interest.  He was hopeful of coming across the holy grail of items (a ship in a bottle), sadly today his wish didn't come true but that's the fun of charity shopping, maybe next time and you never know what you might stumble across in the mean time, not forgetting the feel-good factor of getting a bargain, recycling items and giving to deserving causes.
Hopefully Buster's ship (in a bottle) will come in one day soon, happily we now have a man on the inside with Mr B working in the best charity shop in town!

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